Taikapeikon cattery

CH Kassilan Erheetön Enne (EUR f 23) Photo Pekka Savolainen

 FI*Taikapeikon is a small cattery in southern Finland, ca. one hour drive from the capital city Helsinki. I got my breeding name FI*Taikapeikon ("Magic troll's") in the beginning of 2007 from FIFe, but my first litter born 2011, so I'm not the fastest of human beings  


European shorthair is The Cat for me, it is cosy and familiar yet mysteriously beautiful. It has nothing too big, nothing too small, but everything is in its place, beautifully balanced. It is quite healthy cat, some problems with kidneys have been reported, but usually an European cat live long after it's 10 years birthday.


The breed standard of the European cat



At the moment my "pack" includes two dogs and five cats. Onni is mixed breed dog, my soulmate, he is also extremely calm and kind with kittens. Taika (SBI n) is the matriarch of the group, even if "youngster" Erika (EUR f 23) doesn't always believe that  

Hilla (EUR f) is from my first Taikapeikon litter, and she is the mother of my youngest packmembers Tapsa (EUR n 24) and Asa (EUR d 24). Youngest packmember is dog Helmi.

Central Asian Ovcharka, pepper and whipped cream  Sydän


My breeding cats

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